Sales Agreement

Contract Parties
SELLER on one side:
On the other hand, the BUYER: Customer Name Surname

Contract Topic
The subject of this contract is the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers with respect to the sale price and the goods and services specified by the Buyer on the website of the Seller, which are mentioned in the contract and have the qualifications on the website and also specified in the contract and the website. It is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Distance Contracts. Buyer, basic qualities of the goods / services subject to sale, sales price, payment method, delivery conditions etc. The business agrees and declares that it has knowledge of all prior information about the goods / services subject to sale and the right to "withdrawal", that it confirms these preliminary information electronically and then orders the goods / service. The e-mail, sms and preliminary information forms delivered to him in electronic form, which are reminded to the recipient in the website environment and sent to him during the order, are integral parts of this contract.

Basic Qualities of Goods / Services
{Live Broadcast Web Site Software}

Cash Price of Goods / Services
Goods Service Fee Advance: The list price is valid. Prices are the sales price, including all taxes. Credit Card: It is an alternative means of payment to cash, which banks and some financial institutions provide to their customers, which can be used for payment purposes at shopping points with contracted POS devices or to withdraw cash advances from bank ATMs. .

Delivery of goods / services, place of execution of the contract and delivery method
The purchased goods will be delivered automatically within 1 business day from the moment the customer approves the transaction. All delivery processes are carried out electronically via mail. This process may vary between 3 and 30 days, with the software processes of the desired goods or services vary. This period may be extended due to force majeure and / or technical reasons.

Right of Withdrawal
Since the sales transactions other than the membership process are in the nature of intangible goods that are instantly executed in electronic form and delivered to the consumer, there is no right of withdrawal.

Terms of Termination
As the purchased products are considered within the scope of digital content, there will be no termination of contract and / or return of the contractual goods / services.

Complaint Authority
Applications for complaints and objections related to the goods and services subject to this contract can be made to the arbitral tribunal or to the consumer court within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry every year, in the place where the customer buys the goods or services or where the customer is located.

Electronic message consent
Buyer, this contractual seller and the group companies and business partners of the SELLER, all kinds of advertisements, promotions and information electronic messages of any campaigns that he / she has made and / or will carry out in the future, E-mail, SMS, IVR, telephone and all accepts, accepts and accepts that the advertisements and information to be made through all kinds of communication means.

Contract Subject Sales
The subject of this contract; The conditions to benefit from the services offered on the internet are the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties. By using the software (or when you authorize another person to do so), you indicate that you are 18 or older. (Any parent or guardian under the age of 18 can accept this). An agreement on behalf of a user may enter into a binding legal contract, You have read and understood this Agreement and accepted its terms and conditions. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement, do not install or use the Software.

Contractual Party
The scope of this contract is statements such as warning, writing and explanation prepared by regarding the usage, membership and services in the website. Product made between and the Customer, sold on the internetor it has been signed and entered into force mutually.

Contract Definitions
The owner and operator of the Web Site will be named as Ayazer.Com from now on. Those who benefit from the services, special services or monthly additional services on the Ayazer.Com website will be referred to as "Customer".

Scope of Contract
The scope of this contract is statements such as warning, The scope of this contract, Software Version "V.00.00.00" will now be referred to as the software version. V.00 = will contain html, js, css updates. P.00.00 will include our php version. The numerical values ​​will increase as the update gets. It will be named hjc.00-p.00.00.writing and explanation prepared by regarding the usage and services on the website. By accepting the terms of this agreement, the customer is authorized by regarding the usage, membership and services in the website. accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she will act in accordance with all kinds of issues stated in the mentioned declarations, although he has accepted all kinds of declarations described. The period of time is deemed to have accepted the waiting period. In the specially developed software, initial payment of the total fee of the scope of work is taken as a minimum 50% -70% of the total fee. The transactions cannot be started, developed or made without prepayment. After the prepayment, the transactions start immediately and the remaining payment is requested upon delivery as completed. If the remaining working day value expires, if the remaining payment has not been received, all transactions are canceled and all payments of the buyer can not be canceled and refunded due to timeout. Requesting a fee by starting the purchase process, adding special works and then canceling the transaction or canceling the product. and that extra remuneration arising from the works performed will be evaluated in line with the loss of work and time In line with the team to determine the wage provision of all works, if he requests all working wages, he will pay all the amounts. customer accepts and declares. The customer undertakes and declares that he will pay on time within the payment date range determined in installment purchases. If all payments are completed, the product invoice will be issued in bulk and forwarded to the customer, unless stated otherwise. In case of disrupting installment payments or not making any payments The customer accepts and declares that he / she will bear all kinds of material losses in accordance with the time and business loss. Amount or amounts to be paid to the customer It is notified and notified for a period of 1 week. The customer accepts and declares that legal proceedings will be initiated if the date of the communiqué has passed. The problems or problems arising from all kinds of disagreements will ensure that they will compromise with the team. on behalf of the company, it will not share any defamatory, defamatory content or disclose confidential information. agrees and undertakes that he will stay with at the court. In line with the controls to be carried out through any platform. in cases where it can be determined, it will be moved to the judicial authorities in line with all our legal contracts and our necessary material and moral sanctions the customer accepts and undertakes that we will apply. The invoice of the purchased and completed payment is sent within 7 business days. Some iPhone cell phone models only support Live Streaming. We do not support apple products in all. For the best performance and quality, we recommend the most modern "Google Chrome" browser. We support all current versions. There is no guarantee that live streaming support can work on old version browsers, PC, mobile and tablet devices. Our web software is not guaranteed to work on all browsers and devices after browser updates. It is the responsibility of the customer and it is the responsibility of the updates. The customer has purchased and accepted the web software. The Client will be deemed to have accepted and declared all these issues upon the initiation of the transactions.

Legal rights and convictions, Intellectual property rights
English and Turkish expressions are used in the source codes of the live broadcast broadcast website.All elements of the Website (including, but not limited to, design, text, image, html code and other codes) (works subject to intellectual property rights of Ayazer.Com) belong to Ayazer.Com and / or by Ayazer.Com It is used under license right from a third party. Customers may not resell, share, distribute, exhibit, or exhibit the services provided on the websites and the work subject to Ayazer.Com's intellectual property rights, or otherwise allow third party access, including those who license it. the amount of compensation requested from Ayazer.Com for the damages suffered by persons, they will be liable to cover court costs and attorney fees. Customers may not reproduce, distribute and / or prepare works that are subject to intellectual property rights of Ayazer.Com. The services provided through Ayazer.Com, the information contained and works subject to the intellectual property rights of Ayazer.Com, the commercial appearance of the site or any property, in-kind and personal rights, commercial information and All rights reserved for know-how. ProductAll files are delivered upon request in the sales. The hosting management panel information is not delivered at the time of delivery. All necessary files are delivered by our support team.'s products or products do not guarantee operation on all devices and equipment. Our required explanations You have read and accepted the terms. Working principles of our products and which devices our systems In order to test whether it supports or not, the best results should be handled with simulators in the virtual environment. In special cases, we also have the right to apply to our hourly wage tariffs in some cases. FTP information is authorized for file delivery and it only aims to download data files. File editing, modification and adding operations cannot be done. As long as you have host in delivering ftp information, file editing, modification or addition cannot be done without permission. If the customer is using it in their installed systems, they can add, edit or change files. In the delivery of FTP usage information, backup and data security belongs to the recipient or persons and cannot be held responsible for any situation that may occur. It is not possible to consider a situation such as the loss or re-licensing of any data or file loss that may occur after the delivery of FTP information, and it is the responsibility of the customer who takes the responsibility of any deficiency that may arise due to such a situation. After the delivery of FTP information, the free technical support is deemed to have ended. Due to these processes, AYAZER SOFTWARE company lawyers will be authorized and the relevant provincial Kırklareli Courts and Execution Offices will be empowered. Any expenses and expenses that may arise are the responsibility of the other party and it is accepted that he has read and accepted in the sales contract. In addition, personal and individual disregard, irregularities, insults and behaviors and approaches about the company that may occur, any kind of correspondence or behavior that can be proved by the company, any kind of correspondence or behavior that can be proved, is a legal sanction on behalf of AYAZ BİLİŞİM VE TURZİM HİZMETLERİ. declares that the lawyers in charge will be empowered and authorized by the necessary KIRKLARELİ HEAVY CRIMINAL COURTS. In accordance with our sales contracts, sharing or using the infrastructure with third parties is strictly prohibited and Kırklareli courthouses are responsible for any situation that can be determined and declares that they will take legal action. No change or cancellation of the licensed product or products can be provided. Under general conditions, hosting services in website software products are considered valid until the determined time. It has the right to cancel the customer's hosting packages in case of any irregularity or misconduct. Web Site product software is the main sales site software, hosting or hosting is not charged.The product or products must be submitted by the customer within 1 year. If the timeout has expired, the product or products are permanently deleted from our systems. The delivery method of external product files other than ftp information can be done with the customer product download panel.Customer panel information is sent via e-mail and the product is deemed to have been delivered. When the product downloads from the customer panel, the download button closes and the product is considered as delivered. The purchased product can be downloaded once the payment has been completed.Our web product is delivered with its files. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he will use this product only in a single domain, not duplicate it, will not sell it for commercial purposes, will not sell it for money, will not share the website files with third parties or in public places. He accepted that he would pay a solid amount of compensation. error logs that may appear in browsers' debud logs are acceptable errors by browsers The logs in this section are not important. It is not considered as an obstacle to work. The customer has read and accept this statement has been approved.

Privacy and protection of personal data
We may collect our services or correspondence with us, certain personal information. If so, you automatically accept the Privacy Policy we may use this data in accordance with our privacy policy. For example, contact us via the contact form on our website, or fill out personal data to save demo credentials or to receive a newsletter. needs, so we can communicate with you and offer things you are interested in. I agree that data processing is allowed, this confirmation is required. We also use Third Party Applications to collaborate with other Third Parties and receive Personal Data. We do not sell personal or sensitive data to anyone. We only use all the data to improve our services, marketing content and customer experience. You can learn more about our Privacy Policy. We do not have to accept for a Newsletter or a Demo. We have this decision. When you reach us via our phone number, your conversations are recorded. By providing this permission to the interview, you are deemed to have accepted. Your verbal confirmations from each interview You can accept and commit to a contract in line with your transactions. same interview recording subjects are taken as basis. We market each of our products to multiple customers. It contains and is given a disposable ownership for each customer. Copyright However, it gives authorization to its customers. Authorization is only personal. Customers may not claim copyright to each other.The purchased and delivered product is non-refundable and will not be charged back to banks and payment companies. The customer is deemed to have declared and committed this by purchasing products from this site.

Limited Warranties
We provide warranty for any information sent and posted on the website. The website has the right to stop broadcasting.

Third party websites and links
Links that allow you to leave the website without being approved by The linked carer is not under our control and we are not responsible for the content or webcast of any linked site.

Limitations and Exceptions is responsible for any special, incidental, direct, indirect, criminal or consequential damage resulting from its use (loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information or any other materialwithout any limitation for damage). Even if is notified of the possibility of such damages, the services are not available or the services cannot or cannot be provided. has no liability for any loss of data or software, resulting loss, major power, or any other form that may create responsibility. They do not. We also have no personal responsibility.'s liability under any provision is limited to 1 EUR. In any case law, Turkey and the European Union are the law.

In case of violation of these Terms and Conditions by any organization / party / person, the results will be generated. One of these measures can be neglected, for example, by a claim for damages or by injunction.

Copyright Notice
Our website is protected by trademark, unfair competition and other laws and copied or completely or partially imitated. No logos, graphics, sounds or images can be explicitly copied by Ayazer.Com from any Ayazer.Com website, or cannot be redistributed.

Contract Changes
Ayazer.Com may change this agreement at any time and at any time it deems appropriate, at its own discretion and unilaterally. The changing provisions of this contract will take effect on the date of their announcement, and the remaining provisions will remain in force and continue to produce terms and results. This contract cannot be changed with the unilateral declarations of the customers. At Ayazer.Com's sole discretion, change, addition or any part of these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time, reserves the right to publish it on our website. It means that you periodically accept the changes or understand our other policies. it is your responsibility to check the changes we make after the change.

Force Reasons
In all cases considered legal force majeure, Ayazer.Com is not liable for performing late or incomplete or not performing any of the actions determined by this contract. These and similar situations will not be deemed to be delayed, incomplete or non-performing, or default for Ayazer.Com, or from Ayazer.Com for these situations no compensation can be claimed under any name. The term "force majeure", except for the reasonable control of the party, including but not limited to natural disaster, riot, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet malfunctions, power outage and bad weather conditions, and Ayazer.Com's due diligence Although it shows, it will be interpreted as unavoidable events.

Custom structured hosting services is the first structured hosting services that it has prepared exclusively for its customers. All authority and control belongs to Aayazer.coma. These leased services are protected, stored and updated by Hosting control panel is not delivered in rented services. All hosting responsibility belongs to Editing, modifying or adding files cannot be made without permission in submitting ftp information.

Specially configured server services
Installed by our engineers that specially prepared for its customers Private server installations and configurations are paid as much as the required amount. When the server installations and configurations are prepared, it is delivered to the customer and all usage responsibility passes to the delivered control owner. The controller has accepted all these issues and is within the knowledge of (knowledge of system usage) All issues that may arise or arise due to user configuration errors in the future are under the responsibility of declares that it is not compensated and cannot be compensated. Only server installation and configuration service is provided. Usage and security passes to the responsibility of the user.

Law and Authority to Apply
Turkish Law and International Law will be applied in the implementation, interpretation of this contract and in the management of the legal relations arising within this contract. Kırklareli Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in case of any dispute arising out of or may arise due to this contract.

Termination of Contract
This contractme will remain in effect until the membership of the customers is canceled and will continue to produce inter-party provisions and results, The expiration of the customers will be deemed to have expired in case of temporary or permanent cessation of their membership. In cases or cases deemed necessary by the company under the necessary reasons, the fees for installation and working procedures within 2 working days are collected from the amount paid. the right amount to be refunded or not, if deemed necessary in accordance with the necessary reasons. Ayazer.Com violates the provisions of customers in this agreement and similar rules regarding usage, membership and services on the website. If they do, they will be able to terminate the contract unilaterally and their customers will be liable to compensate all damages incurred by Ayazer.Com for termination.

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