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Use full control of your live broadcast business. Color, configure, reflect your business in the best way. You haven't seen it before. Find out now what more you can do. Here you will find the live streaming world you are looking for. There is everything you want.You are independent and free. Just install and run, that's all.
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Our website software consists of public and private rooms with a one-to-one mutual camera with a per-minute (credit) fee, It offers voice and text chat chat content.
Our features are a significant increase in customer loyalty as a result of our long-term and analysis-oriented studies, increase in market share and provide stronger competitiveness.

17 languages available, Turkish, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese (simplified), Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Arabic, Japanese, Polish, Persian.
Is your language not listed? Do not be sad. We can add this.

You do not need to constantly monitor or manage the system, everything is automatic here. You keep living life. Ask for it because you deserve the best. Everything is open and closed. Everything is unlimited, no restrictions. You will have full control of all content.
Challenge the world.
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Unlimited Cameras
Unlimited Live Streaming
Unlimited Accounts
Unlimited Membership
Unlimited Rooms
Unlimited Content
17 Different Languages
Minimal Design
Auto Maintenance
Chat Translator
Compatible With Global Ads
Webrtc Streaming
HD Live Streaming
One on One Live Broadcast
Unlimited Broadcast Accounts
Bulk Payments
Payment Receipts
Payment Analysis Reports
Studio System
List General Rooms
List Private Rooms
Watch Live Rooms
Skype Address
Working Strategy
Automatic Loading Process
%Take Commission From Gifts
Message Charges
%Reference Commission Rates
Page View Models
Management Approved Transactions
Listing By Category
Support Tickets
Developer Mode
Bank Transfers
Gdpr Compatible
Country Blocking
+18 Content Harmony
Bitcoin Compatible
Broadcaster Social Media
Seo Friendly
Editable Language Files

Unlimited Access
Unlimited Capacity
Unlimited Traffic
Host on your server
Full support
Technical support
Pay Per Minute
Intuitive Design
Gold Membership System
Minute Usage Records
Automatic Credit Top-up
Account Inactivity Period
Sales Reports
Language Detection
Different Authorization Settings
Bulk Fee Settings
Responsive Design
Affiliate System
Change Usernames
Change Passwords
Change Email
Payment Notifications
Add Logo
Add Favicon
Switchable Images
Seo Settings
Application Disclosures
Browser Verification
Document Records
Country Detection
MariaDB Database
Global Payment Compliance
Open Source Codes
Cookie Policy
CDN Compatible Images
Crypto Currency Compatible
Paid Images
Browser Friendly
Adding a New Language

Ultimate Security
Advertising Ideas
Seo Ideas
Domain Ideas
Domain Ideas
Strong Php
Automatic Translator
Call to Action
Authorized Appointment
Different Currencies
Detailed Reporting
Automatic Delete Operations
Ban Time Setting
Automatic Ban Removal
Upload Limit Settings
Admin Url Change
Gift Settings
Add Bank Accounts
E-Mail Settings
Newsletter Submissions
Global Time Alignment
Campaign Settings
Gold Banner
Broadcast Tracking System
Message Records
System Special Reports
Notifications By E-Mail
Global Developer Mode
The Files Are Yours
Mobile Payments
Past Recall
Special Sound Files
Privacy Policy
General User Compliance
Apple Pay Compatible
Paid Videos
User friendly
Paypal Compatible

W3 Approved
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Access to All Files
Editable Files
Fast Delivery
Compatible with All Ads
Design Colors
UI & UX Desing
Secure Encryption
Suspend Accounts
User Reports
Fee Settings
Automatic Log Cleaning
User Notes
User Profiles
Add Manual Minutes
Manual Delete Minutes
Chat Record Analysis
Payment Reports
General Room Registrations
Private Room Registration
Gift Records
Add / Delete Footer
Website Language
Google Analytics
Automatic Reports
User Guide
Setup Guide
Lifetime License
Payments By Card
User Recognition
Custom Profile Pictures
Adjustable Fees
Adult Content Compliance
Google Pay Compatible
Pic/Vid Galleries
Happy Members..šŸ„°

..and much more.




Ready in 15 Minutes

With a preconfigured setup, installation is ready in just a few clicks in 15 minutes.


Technologies We Use

Jquery, Html5, WebRTC, MariaDB, Php.
Supported browsers

Chrome Firefox Opera Edge Safari