Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the System Work?

Our website software offers Camera Chat service. When broadcasters go live in public rooms The general room you have previously determined starts to earn the per hour rate. The general room is the broadcasters' waiting room.

In the meantime, users can enter the public rooms and invite any broadcaster to the private room, with one-to-one video or begins to text chat. When your broadcaster switches to a private room, you will be charged a pre-determined private room hourly rate. starting to win.

You offer minute (credit) sales tariffs from your website so that users can invite publishers to the private room. You can determine the sales tariffs in advance, and the sales amounts are collected in your account. There are also message and gift fees. Users can send messages and gifts to publishers. For more content, visit our Features page.

What kind of live broadcast can I offer?

You can deliver any kind of live broadcast content you can imagine.
Pay per minute Video Consultancy Service, Camera Chat service, Live and Audio presentation services, Virtual Lesson services, Paid product promotions and much more on Live Broadcast ...

What are the monetization options?

You start earning from Minutes (credits) sales, Gold memberships, Gifts, Messaging, Image Galleries, Video Galleries and Reviews.

How much profit will I make?

You can review our income distribution table we have prepared for you.

View the table

How do I manage?

It's as easy as using a mobile device. As, we thought of you before you.
You're in complete control with our user manual.
In this way, you will become a professional website operator in a short time by gaining full control of your website. You don't have to be a software expert or engineer, As Team, we trust our product and you will not need support. You will be completely focused on your earnings.

Will I pay a fee every year?

You won't be charged every year. The project is completely yours with all the files for a lifetime by paying only once for the purchased product.

How do I supply digital payment methods?

It's Easy
We offer information and ease of service about digital payment systems in all currencies worldwide.We support all payment systems globally.

Does provide support?

As, we are at your full support We provide uninterrupted service and support. We offer 100% Quality service and Satisfaction. You do not need to be a software expert or an engineer, as Team, we trust our product and you will not need support. You will be completely focused on your earnings.

Does this software have dependencies?

Our software is not dependent on dependencies and external plugins. You will feel completely free. Just install the files and run, that's it. No 3rd party software, plugins or external licenses like Wowza. adobe and the like. You don't need it. You are completely free.

Does it support ad networks?

Yeah. You can serve global ads. Google Ads-like and all networks.

Can I make changes on the software?

We make it possible for you to make any changes in the software content, exclusively within your organization. In order to make changes, you need to master software programming. We use the latest technologies. You don't need any changes.

Are the files open source?

Yes.All files are open source. You have access to all codes. you can start to feel free.All files are now yours.

System requirements

With our installation guide to your server or VPS, you can do it simply in minutes. If you need, we perform your web setup and digital payment system integration. , We deliver ready to use.

Requirements for using server or VPS;
• Linux operating system (centos, debian, fedora and others)
• Plesk administration panel (root access)
• MariaDB 10.x and higher
• PHP 7.x or 8.x and higher
• Node js
• Stun-Turn server cloud(optional)

Minimum hardware requirements;
• 1 CPU processor
• 2 GB ram
• 10 GB disk space
• 100 Mbps bandwidth
• Traffic capacity selection according to expected traffic volume (unlimited traffic recommended)

How do I determine the website name?

When you complete your purchase, we will send you our information to determine your website name. You can choose the name you want.

I want to buy

Bank Transfer:
Transfer time is within 3 to 5 business days. We only accept dollar ($) and euro (€) currencies. Click the button below to go to our payment page, request our account information to your e-mail address, complete your payment and send us your payment receipt. When the transfer is complete, The product will be delivered to you via e-mail.

By Card:
You can use any of your payment cards. Go to our payment page by clicking the button below, complete your payment on our payment page, and the product will be automatically sent to your e-mail address at the time of delivery.


When will my product be ready?

Bank Transfer:
Your product will be delivered by e-mail immediately when the remittance process of the payments made by bank transfer is completed.

By Card:
Products purchased with the card are automatically sent to your e-mail address instantly.

Product delivery and installation

Product Delivery process is automatically sent to your e-mail between 1 - 5 minutes.
The installation process is completed in 30 - 60 minutes and we deliver it to you ready to use.