About Us

Was established in Turkey in 2006, is a software technology company. Our aim is to help provide live streaming technology and all future live streaming entrepreneurs to empower independent streaming websites. The quality, availability and We focus deeply on providing a full service to keep customers happy.

Ayazer.com date: Webrtc development
Development time: 4 years
Development hour: + 150,000 hours
Lines of code: + 3,000,000
Workforce: 12 Intermediate and Senior Developers (England, Germany, Turkey, France, America and Italy)
We have over 13 years of experience in the live broadcast media industry.

Company Information
Gundogu neighborhood blend street number: 25/2 Luleburgaz / Kirklareli / Turkey
Identification number: 58573071040
Our Tax Number: 3710149918
Our Tax Office: Luleburgaz

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